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Virtual Rooms, Virtual Frames - Artwork displays for REAL online sales

Selling art is hard.


No-brainer... any of these responses will do:

"Art is personal."

"The economy is bad."

"I can't find my audience."

"My pieces are like my children."

"Rejection sucks."

These are all true and all valid. However, once you have decided to put yourself out there -- get a website, a blog, an Etsy page (I have done all three - still no sales as yet) it is important to put your very best foot forward. To display your art so that it is easy for the buyer to SEE the work in their home.

I saw this a lot on Etsy. Display images that showed fine art prints in their natural habitat - Out of your portfolio and into the buyers' livingroom.

I figure, OK great... I'll do that!

However, without the advent of Photoshop, I had FAR too hard a time finding a way to prettily display my artwork in a virtual room. I googled for days, read Etsy groups, finding too much nothing...

Then I found an online Virtual Room App.

It is free...

sufficiently versatile...

and very easy to use.

Here are some of my favorites in its virtual rooms...

(FYI, the frames are virtual too - stay tuned for info on that too...)

Nice, huh?

They have about 8 different rooms to choose from and it is exceedingly easy. You literally just drag your selected image into the room.

And there you have it!

Save the new file and use it to display your pieces so that people can see them in their own space.

Now on to the FRAMES... another free and flexible online tool. The Matshop has an application called Mat-o-matic which allows you to choose your own image and see it in a virtual frame of your choosing.

You can change the frame color and width as well as the color and width of the outer and inner mattes. Really easy, looks pretty good!

I hope this saves you some hours and gets you some sales!

Wish me luck!

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