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Wa Na Wari, Group Exhibition featuring "She's Me."; 

February 3 – April 20, 2024, Seattle, WA

She's Me series depicts black women, and those that identify as women, as they are and as theywere. By reminding onlookers that the timeline of every black body began well before they passed through your field of vision.

Aurora Loop Gallery, "Wayfinding" Group Exhibition featuring Running towards the Dawn; June 3 – June 25, 2023, Port Townsend, WA

A group exhibition working in different materials considering thoughts on finding paths along a journey and milestones.

Museum of Museums, “Soft Touch” Group Exhibition featuring Evolution of Hattie, A Refracted Saint; February 3 – August 31, 2023, Seattle, WA

Soft Touch is an immersive, tactile survey of soft sculpture and textile art featuring artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Audiences are meant to wrap themselves in the art work both interactive and wearable.

Forest for the Trees, “Howl” Group exhibition featuring Ascension
July 21 - 24; RailSpur; 419 Occidental Ave S,. Seattle WA

Curated by Lele Barnett and Amanda Manitach, Howl featured the work of all woman or woman identifying artists as part of a massive exhibition of 100+ artists in what was called the "Indie Alternative to the Seattle Art Fair.

Hedreen Gallery, "Blue is our Color" Group exhibition

2022 June - October, Seattle WA
Showing installation of "They All have names" a large scale mixed media piece featuring 214 missing black women as an homage to their disappearance and remembrance. 

Great Jones Gallery, “ASCENSION” Solo exhibition

2022 - March - May exhibition, Seattle WA

Showing installation of "Ascension" a dynamic large scale installation featuring an interpretation of a river baptism and its significance in Black American culture.

The En Gallery, “never-endings” Group exhibition

2022 - February/March 2 month exhibition, Seattle WA

Various Seattle area artists. Showed Refracted Saint No. 4,  "They all have names..." Installation

The En Gallery, “Enter and Return” Inaugural group exhibition

2021 - October exhibition, Seattle WA

Various Seattle area artists. Showed Refracted Saints Nos 1 and 3.

The Henry Art Museum, “Set in Motion” Curated public art exhibition

2020 - 8 month exhibition, Seattle WA

Various artists from the United States  featured by the Henry for its first public art installation. The Henry partnered with the Seattle Metro to have Refracted Saint No. 1 featured on city buses for 4 months. The installation then moved to the facade of the Museum of Flight for another 4 months.

The Gallery Onyx, “Truth B Told” Annual juried exhibition

2019 – 6 month exhibition, Seattle WA

Three emotive multimedia and pastel pieces depicting young children of color. Selected for exhibition of artists of color in the Seattle area.

Hillman City Collaboratory

2019 – 3 month exhibition, Seattle WA

Solo featured artist exhibition. Nine pieces in pastel, charcoal and multimedia featuring images of black women in positions of power

Benhaus Prairie Art Gallery, “Text and Images” juried competition (4th place)

2019 – 1 month exhibition

“We were seeds…” Pastel and handmade paper expressive portrait of a little black girl

VH1 Television Series, “The Breaks” – Featured artwork

2016 – 9 month exhibition

Pastel piece of a little black girl featured in the home of the main character as part of the set through the first season.

Maryland State House of Representatives

2015 – 6 month exhibition. Annapolis MD

Various pieces displayed in MD House office buildings. Featured as a MD resident artist

"Visual",  Private Showcase for DC artists
October 2006 - Washington DC  
Stylized representations of black lives on the fringe. Displayed three paintings of various sizes in acrylic followed by panel discussion

The Amber Tree Art Gallery

2006 – 9 month exhibit, Washington DC

Various works in acrylic and multimedia depicting black dancers in motion.

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