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Cookie's Art Empire

So we all know who these people are... The Lyons - Cookie, Luscious, Hakeem, Jamal, Dre and the tamed shrews. (If you get the Shakespeare reference there and ALL OVER the show, hats off and...let's talk!)

In any case, I'm not here to talk about the obvious players, but the ones that lend the Lyons' the appearance of wealth...

I'm here to talk about the ART.

The New Yorker called Empire, "TV's Contemporary-Art Gallery," And it is... Basquiat, Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt... the list goes on and on and on...

The fine art that surrounds the Lyon family is half the eye candy for an enthusiast like me...

Check out the photo below... There are works by some BRILLIANT artists lining every scene of this show and its no accident. The shows creator reached out to the great Kehinde Wiley when he was creating the Lyons... its all a part of the look, the feel and the success of the show...

Check out this article from The Creators Project. For a comprehensive list but you'll see a lot of this:

Who is he?

LA born, NY bred artist working out of Brooklyn and he has literally built an empire of his own with his edgy style.

If you watch Empire you've seen his work in nearly EVERY episode. Wiley's stuff is like a combination of the precision and command of light a la Rembrandt, mixed with the French Rococo (basically lots of paisley looking busyness), all jammed into a street artist in a love affair with Hip Hop... its AWESOME!

You can see the following piece right behind Jamal...

Detroit born, Howard University trained, she's exhibited everywhere from Wisconsin, to D.C., to Brooklyn.

Follow Luscious' eyes and you'll find another Wiley...

Art Wednesday... don't just watch to oogle the man candy or wait for the next appearance of Cookie's cookie... WATCH the WALLS.....

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