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Marin Alexis Burnett

Current Exhibitions

Wa Na Wari

She's Me.

As black women we are often seen exactly as our viewers would like to see us. We are often relegated to a vacuum as if time froze around us. We are seen as though who we are “now” is who we have always been. We were never children. We were never vulnerable. Never broken. Never whole. The entirety of our story is ignored because we are only snap shots, frozen in time.

But we WERE children. We have a history. Perhaps this is why we cling to tightly to our ancestors.

Because the world would rather forget our past; our innocence.
Some of us innocent… full of wonder and joy. Others “old souls” … as if we walked the earth in a past life.

This series is meant to depict black women, and those that identify as women, as they are and as they were. By reminding our onlookers that our timeline started well before we passed through your field of

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