Marin Alexis Burnett

Ascension #1
Ascension #1

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Ascension #1
Ascension #1

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Current/Recent Exhibitions

They All have names...

hedreen 1.jpg

Refracted Saint No. 4.

They all have names.


Current showing in Blue is Our Color at the Hedreen Gallery in Seattle.

This piece is an homage to the hundreds of black women that go silently missing. The woman in yellow represents the goddess Oshun. Here she is the patron Saint of lost souls. Her halo is made from the faces of 214 black women who have gone missing. Vanished without fanfare. No media coverage. No nationwide search.

How did I find them?

This site curates images and stories of the missing black girls and womxn that have otherwise been overlooked. Any ONE of these women could have been me. Or someone who looks like me. The 214 girls and womxn here are a fraction of those cataloged on @ourblackgirls.

Take a moment. See their faces. Learn their names. They all have names.


This is Ascension.

Baptism in the river.

A pathway to peace, power, strength, salvation.

I am black. Home isn’t here.

Heaven is a refuge.

I am submerged.

Leaving a world of enslavement, pain, oppression, violence…

…  ascending to freedom, acceptance, love of my brown/black/red-bone skin.

I wade in the water to save my soul and my self.

Take me to the water and grant me permission to fight.

This is Ascension.

Featured at Forest for the Trees


Curated by Lele Barnett and Amanda Manitach

Forest For The Trees


419 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

July 21-24, 2022

Howl is a group exhibition of female-identifying and non-binary artists who work in large-scale material and voice. From hanging gardens to tensile textile walls, ephemeral text tracings to punk-poetic shout-outs, the exhibit encompasses a range of material expressions as elegant as they are aggressive, spanning the softly ecstatic to blunt-force unapologetic. 

Exhibited works include installations from both regional and national artists, and features reproductions of vital and viral images produced by the organization Shout Your Abortion.

Ascension is a large scale installation featuring a series of portraits depicting 6 black women, dressed in white wading in dark waters. Together these women form a familiar tableau within black southern culture. A river baptism. The installation is accompanied by traditional negro spirituals to take the viewer to transport the viewer to a different time and space creating an immersive experience.


Baptism in the south is not just about religion or piety, it is a rite of passage. It is an outward acknowledgement of our need to be reborn and dedication to a bedrock of the black experience, the church. When one is submerged in the river, one leaves the past and moves into a new present and future. When you emerge, you are reborn. But its not just about following a religion or deity; it is about being able to cleanse oneself of hardship and pain by believing in an ultimate purpose bigger than ourselves.


Ascension is a surrealist view of the power of black culture that is rooted in the need to believe in a higher power. It is a nod to the resiliency of black women and our need to find resiliency and belief in all things. It is a visual representation of the power of black women to ascend against all odds.